Dedicated to Environment Protection

UNIBAG is committed to the protection of Earth’s resources through recycling and the promotion of using paper as a renewable, sustainable resource replacing the excess use of plastic products which are irreversibly polluting both land and sea. We recycle 100% of our paper waste and are making committed efforts towards using recycled paper in the making of our bags. Along with our valued business partners, our combined efforts are assisting in protecting the environment and our planet.

Is your knowledge of paper production fact or fiction? The link below will take you to a website to help you sort out the truths from the misconceptions. The good news is, it’s not bad news. Paper production is not the bully to the environment that people generally believe it is.
Does an increase in paper production result in fewer forests? You might automatically think so, but when you know the facts, you might just be surprised. Although trees are associated with paper production, the raw materials derived from it produce a wide array of products. The wood itself can build everything from a church pew to a rollercoaster, the sawdust contributes to particle board and fuel, the bark and cork are key ingredients to decorative mulch, shoes and baseballs. But it’s the pulping of the wood that takes credit for the paper products you use every day. Not just books, boxes and grocery bags, but products like turpentine, jigsaw puzzles and artificial kidney membranes. When you think about all the products that can be assembled, and the tree is the main ingredient, it might just make you appreciate them a little more.

Companies, who need the trees for their product, know their value. That is why huge steps are made every day to combat the possible loss of forestry.

Visit the following website to find the answer and delve into further misconceptions such as: 

  • Does making paper destroy forests?
  • Does making paper consume a lot of energy and fossil fuels?
  • Are our landfills growing because of paper?
  • Is it better to use new or recycled paper?

Find the answers, along with helpful explanations at www.paperbecause.com/paper-is-sustainable/paper-truth-or-fiction


The “PAPER because” campaign was created by Domtar, a global leader in paper manufacturing and environmental responsibility, to highlight the key role paper plays in our lives and the reasons why it’s an environmentally sound choice. Through this campaign they are addressing the common misconceptions about paper and demonstrate why paper is truly a renewal sustainable resource and a responsible choice for consumers. As they say “Paper is good. Pass it on.”

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