Our Products

Our collection of products can cover all your needs, from basic carrier bags to high-end packaging selections. We pride ourselves in providing distinctive quality items for your brand at competitive rates.

Why Choose Us

We are one of the few entities that manufacture quality products with photos printed on them. We can perform nearly any complicated design using state of the art machinery and techniques. As a result, the “UNIBAG” packaging is not only eco-friendly, but also aesthetic.

We have a long-standing industrial experience combined with valuable human and technical capital, which allowed us to expand our customer base to cover Middle East, North Africa and the CIS regions thus being a significant anchor in the packaging market.


Unibag is committed to the protection of Earth’s resources through recycling and promoting the use of paper as a renewable, sustainable resource in replacement of the excess use of plastic products that are irreversibly polluting both land and sea. We recycle 100% of our paper waste and continuously exert committed efforts towards using recycled paper in the making of our bags. Along with our valued business partners, our combined efforts are assisting in protecting the environment and our planet.

Unibag was certified in December 2018 to operate a Food Safety Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 22000:2005 incorporating the principles of HACCP and currently holds an ISO 22000:2005 Certificate of Registration from SMG (Sustainable Management Group) – Canada.

We Guarantee Satisfaction

We are proud to offer our clientele an effective combination of highly experienced staff and the highest quality of products and solutions.

Personalized Approach

Before starting production, we carry out detailed consultations on the design. After determining the requirements and agreeing on the basic parameters of the package, our team prepares a sample design with a price estimate. Our warehouse and distribution teams can arrange for all delivery types from full loads right down to just one box.

Professional Team

We strive for our services to be comprehensive, modern and professional. You will receive all information about production, printed designs and paper from the Commercial Department, composed of members with many years of experience. Our logistics team can manage all your export shipment operations to any destination in the world.

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